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how to make money online 2019

18 Ways To Make Money Online

hey guys! here are 18 legit online jobs where you can earn over 40,000 dollars working from home stay tuned.

To know how to earn that much by editing transcripts for court reports these top online jobs have the ideal mix of high demands and lots of live talented individuals and the ability to start earning fast. 
  1. Sales and Business Development: Sales is one of the most in-demand and legitimate work at home jobs, if you produce results you can get paid big money just about every industry needs quality salespeople.
  2. Health Care: Popular online health care jobs include Dillon coding the handle of insurance claims and general customer service work.
  3. Medical Billing and Coding Insurer: Patients and insurance companies are properly built for medical services many of us have had to deal with the hassle of our health insurance company because we were overcharged for a medical procedure or were charged for treatment we never even received.
  4. Travel Agents: Book and coordinate travel for individuals or businesses believe it or not travel agents are still in demesne ages depends on finding the right niche this is an especially good business for you if you have personal or professional experience because you can provide your clients with insights, they can get from the website.
  5. Reporting Insurance: Agent self-property casualty or life insurance on the home office been in this field myself for over 10 years I have seen a lot of growth from individuals starting their own insurance agencies from home startup costs are low the hours are flexible and the Commissions can be quite high.
  6. Events and Wedding Planning: Create a business coordinating events locally families and businesses are always looking for planners for events like weddings birthday parties’ anniversaries graduations and more the best part is that no office is necessary so the startup codes are very long 
  7. Virtual Recruiter: Find talented employees for businesses if you love to network this is a great local’s business to start what you're doing here is finding talent for employers’ payouts can be quite large as some placement firms charge upwards of 25% of the please annual salary
  8. Home Health Agency: Manage a local team of home health care providers another trend that it's no slowing down is the need for qualified home health care
  9. Grade Of Course: Create an online education course if you have expertise others may find valuable you can create a course online and spell it these used to be very hard as you had to build your audience from scratch
  10. Store Owner: Create and sell homemade crafts and digital products on the world's largest credit marketplace when it comes to legit work from home jobs for moms Etsy is near the top with Etsy you can sell your own homemade arts and crafts
  11. Ecommerce Store And/Or Amazon: FBA grade or own online store or use fulfillment by Amazon to sell physical products online Amazon FBA is a business idea getting a lot of attention lately it's actually something me and a friend have dabbled in the idea is to buy products directly from a manufacturer or wholesaler then sell them online on Amazon the most popular option is to use Amazon FBA you can also use MVA to ship products you sell on eBay or your own website which handles all the warehousing and shipping for you in fact you can even have the manufacturer or distributor ship the products directly to Amazon so that you never have to physically touch the items but you don't have to limit your cell into Amazon it's much easier than packing and shipping everything yourself and the shipping rates Amazon charges you are much lower than you would pay to UPS or FedEx.
  12. Retail Arbitrage: Buy low and sell high do you love going to the flea markets garage sales and browsing thrift stores if so you can make money online by flipping items for profits think of Dean side hustle has been an asset and selling it for a higher price your inventory can be anything you find at a garage sale or on a clearance rack the goal and the key to making retail arbitrate work is having an information advantage these means understanding the market for what you are buying better than the person who is selling that item remember the concept of arbitrage is based on the principle that a particular good has a higher price in one place Veritas in another that might mean it sells for more in California than it does in New York but it might also mean that it sells for more online and it does in a brick-and-mortar store winning and an arbitrage means knowing how to figure out which items to buy and which ones to ACK away from Robert and Melissa Stevens owned a flea market flipper have a free five day email course on making money by flipping items they made over one hundred thirty thousand dollars last year so their course is definitely worth checking out to see if flipping is right for you.
  13. Technical Writers: Synthesize complex high level information for a specific audience to understand average pay $20 per hour for beginners but those who like to dive deep into learning new thing and aren't afraid of tackling super complicated topics technical writing can be a great way to make extra money as a technical writer you'll be responsible for writing user guides and other documentation the goal of an entrepreneur is to build a reputable system that provides value with or without the owner as an intrapreneur you are no longer working on projects for a set rate instead your income correlates with the amount of value you can provide.
  14. Voiceover Artists: Provide vocal recordings to be used in audio books videos films and more average pay twenty dollars per hour voice action is the art of reading the script and using your voice to bring that script to what we'll see voice actors are in especially high demand in the market fields as video marketing has exploded in popularity in recent years a good site to get started on is Fiverr there you can gain experience working as a voiceover artists.
  15. Medical Transcription: Medical transcriptions for local health care providers average pay from ten to twenty five dollars per hour there are dozens of data entry jobs online sites like click worker or Amazon's Mechanical Turk provide typist with a lot of work opportunities however in order to make over $40,000 per year in data entry you need to specialize the first thing to know about medical transcription is that it requires a certification which you can get through a company like career staff career staff offers a range of certifications in multiple work at home opportunities within the medical field with their medical transcription certification which is improved by their association for healthcare documentation integrity you'll prepare yourself to land an online job in an industry that's hungry for qualified talent.

  1. Scoping Added Transcripts: for court reporters average pay from twenty to thirty dollars per hour here's a little known work from home job that's been around for thirty more years it's called scoping a court reporters job is transcribing what's said in the courtroom into written form using a special system of shorthand so that they can keep up with the proceedings for reporters then hire Scopus to edit their transcripts court reporters make money per page not per hour that's why outsourcing the editing allows them to increase their earning potential similar to proofreading and bookkeeping no certification is required there are very minimal startup codes and the earning potential is high.
  2. Marketing Automation Specialists: Design and implement automated marketing systems average pay $40 per hour for beginners I'm in a mastermind group that's been meeting since 2009 we all do some type of marketing work as independent contractors for range of businesses we've each had our ups and downs yet as I make this things are going well for everyone connecting the dots we realized that once we committed to specialize and in growing marketing platform we have to actually start turning clients away one of the fastest-growing segments is marketing automation on platform such as outreport and HubSpot these platforms are experiencing explosive growth and more immersion all the time some other examples are over convert kit and MailChimp.
  3. Video Editing: Create engaging videos for social media YouTube and web sites average pay from 25 to 35 dollars per hour for beginners another online trend that speaking up more steam year by year is video editing video editors with experience are in high demand in 2019 and there's potential to earn over $50 per hour the more you specialize.

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