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become successful freelancer
Want to become a successful freelancer?


How do I become a successful freelancer?  There are millions of freelancers all over the world. They live and work in "freedom" - in contrast to the permanent employees. That can be very pleasant, but also very difficult. With this website we want to help you to become a successful freelancer. Bit by bit. With concrete tips and clear positions.
A KEY TO SUCCESS: Your own marketing: As a freelancer you are in competition with all other colleagues in the industry. So how can you win customers? For example, by being on Google and Co. on the front search results. For every day, potential customers are looking for their services, such as "article writer", logo designer" or "graphics designer".
STEP 1: The own freelancer website
Build your own website. Here you should not take too much money in the hand. With website builders like blogger, WordPress; you can now build your own website in a short time - and that without any programming knowledge. Try it! With such a kit you save yourself a four-figure amount that you would otherwise have to invest in a programming agency.
STEP 2: Photos and logo
A passport photo or application photo alone is simply not enough to stand out from other freelancers. Find a good local photographer on site. Let's create multiple motives of yourself. There are now good platforms for the logo and "corporate design" online, here you can get a complete company design for little money. However, you can contact us to get it done for you.
STEP 3: Constant search engine optimization
Search engine optimization is the key to landing on Google's front search results. There are now some good pages and podcasts. Example: The content performance podcast. Episode listening tips: AdWords, holistic content, dead end blogging. When it comes to search engine optimization: It's not rocket science, it's a craft. If you understand it, you can really continue as a freelancer!

become successful freelancer
who are freelancers?


There are many answers to this basically simple question. It depends on which topic you are interested in! There are at least four different perspectives:


At the beginning the big kicking is announced. Many do not have customers, no network, no money at the beginning. How do you not lose your head? How to systematically build up your freelance? First and foremost: It usually takes several years to become self-sufficient and "free-kicked". But it's worth it.


Freelancers work on their own account. This also means you have to take care of topics like marketing yourself. The money is not flushed by itself ... On the other hand, customer acquisition is definitely not rocket science. Every aspiring, but also established freelancer can learn to acquire customers - without congratulating himself.


Anyone who works as a freelancer has a high degree of responsibility to bear - and primarily for himself. If everything goes well, there are no problems. But if you make mistakes, nobody will catch you. With topics like liability insurance or legal protection, every freelancer should deal with, if one intends to become a professional.


Freelancers are free spirits! Many are very freelance in their work because they want to work free from employee constraints because they love their independence or because they want to live their creativity. Many freelancers have their own projects and a whole bunch of completely different clients for whom they work. Read more about life as a freelancer in our freelance blog. For more details, you can check out full article about freelancer here.

become successful freelancer
what freelancers does?


Here are the ways: A freelance activity is something completely different than a life as a permanent employee. And on top of that, there is a difference between freelancers and traders - at least from the point of view of tax offices. Nevertheless, a freelancer is always an entrepreneur, whether he likes it or not.
Many believe that only the "creative" professions such as artists or writers belong to the freelance work. But there are many more professional groups working freelance.
Freelancers are people who practice a liberal profession. This term derives from the "free citizen" and from the "liberal arts". What is a profession is determined by law? Freelance professions can be scientific, artistic or literary activities, but also technical or cultural professions. Journalists and editors, for example, are freelancers. But also, lawyers and doctors, as well as architects or engineers.


It is important that you do not start "spontaneously" in the freelance. Self-employment is something completely different than a permanent position. You have to think a lot more about the market: what do I offer specifically? Why should the customers come to me? Do I have all resources needed to start running? You got to ask yourself all these questions and answer positively and with certainty.
Therefore, get yourself well prepared before you diverge into the world of freelancing in order not to fail in the process.
In case you didn't have any solid profession and wish to learn new skill and become a pro in it, kindly check out our tutorial page for available skill you could learn for free.

In case you wish to read more story about freelancing, you can check this article Freelancer | Self-Employed and digest more information. Feel free to share this with your friends and do not hesitate to comment and share more of your experience.

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