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Write For Us

Write For Us

We are looking for authors and guestbook to write for us here at Pumalink. We are pleased to publish your publication here.

Type of content we accept

It can be Graphics software tutorials, design, photography, archived files, main lists, how to make articles, WordPress website, social networks, SEO tips, Facebook, eCommerce, Webinar, Youtube, Email Marketing, Blogging and others. Only rich and high-quality materials are accepted.

What we do not publish
We do not publish infographics or licensed content. While we encourage guests to share the tools, tips and tactics that are most useful to them in their practice, we are not the channel to market advertising (affiliate) content.

To avoid conflicts of interest, you can not mention any tool, product or service that is associated with them (affiliate products or link) in any way. In summary, this means that if you are working to affiliate or promote a product, tool or service, do not include it in your article. However, your article may contain a unique link to the content of your website. When doing so, the link should be relevant to the subject in question and should not refer to the main URL, the product landing page or the content of the lead generator.

How do I send a guest message?

If you have a publication, kindly use the form below. Copy and paste your publication in the message box and attach your publication in microsoft document file. We usually respond within 24 hours if we decide to accept the guest posting or not.

Send your message in the form below and we will get back to you as early as possible.
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We love to keep in touch and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and we will do the same again.

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